Agile Internal combines movement, meditation, and coaching methodologies to deliver a powerful, transformational, and personalized wellness practice. We operate from the belief that movement and meditation are medicine. The coaching component of Agile Internal supplants the traditional role of the master-disciple relationship to provide clarity of, and alignment with, individual goals and purpose. Training is designed to bring self-sufficiency in various levels of movement or meditation practice focused on each individual's personal path.

The Agile Internal approach to training is a collaborative journey that embraces various movement modalities with Qigong as a core practice that informs meaningful, integrated movement. This journey provides the tools for optimal health and personal development. We are committed to helping individuals feel and be their best through combining time-tested practices with a modern, agile approach to training.


Individuals and interactions over forms and techniques

Working, transformational practice over theory

Collaboration over traditional teaching structure

Response to change over formal curriculum